F61 is designed for scull crew. Born to meet the need of creating a boat that can work in perfect synergy with Aliante rigger.
The Aliante rigger tends to modify the bow balance during the catch phase.
To maximize the performance of the rigger, F61 presents:

  • A balance variation - the crew should be move towards the stern -
  • Wedge bow, with bigger volume, in order to reduce the sink and simplify the exit from the water

Improvement of shape and performance
Designing a larger bow allowed us to lengthen the bow, thus increase of the length of buoyancy, thus an increase of the critical speed.
The result is a hull with:

  • Lower shape resistance
  • Lower wet surface, thus lower water friction
  • Better water passage then better direction line

Speed increase and pitching reduction
The peculiar shape of the bow greatly reduces the pitching effect. The hull is designed to take advantage of a large strokes number.
All this translates into an increase in speed, resulting in maintaining a practically constant balance. In the moment of maximum speed, the reduction of pitching allows the crew to be able to count on a constant and regular penetration of the oar into the water, especially for the rowers in 1st and 4th positions.
A good athletes technique allows them to take all the advantage of the boat, keeping it at almost constant speed.

Final improvements
Even in wave and wind not optimal condition, the high lateral dimension allows a secure roll stability.
The fin is in a very backward position respect the center of gravity of the boat, in order to contrast the yaw and ensure a better maintenance of the direction line.

Sweep crew configuration
The hull has been designed and built with overlapping geometries, minimizing the tendency to turn in case of roll. The use of the rudder together with the water resistance are therefore reduced.
This is why the F61, despite being designed for the scull, can also be the right choice for the sweep crew.

F61 Filippi mould


  • Carbon
  • Kevlar
  • Titanium
  • Honeycomb
  • Hexmc
  • Aluminium alloy

Main characteristics

  • Maximization of performances of Aliante rigger
  • Achievement of a constant balance
  • High speed
  • Reduction of wet surface (if launched)

Length: mt 12,90
Width: cm 45
Athlete: Kg 83-94, target kg 87
Optimal n° of strokes: 37/38


Carbon Wing sweep rigger “CW”
Carbon Wing scull rigger “CW”
Carbon Aliante sweep rigger “CWA”
Carbon Aliante scull rigger “CWA”

Aluminium Wing scull rigger “AW”
Aluminium Wing sweep rigger “AW”
Aluminium Aliante scull rigger “AW”

Aluminium standard sweep rigger “AS”
Aluminium standard sculling rigger “AS”
Carbon tubular sweep rigger “CT”
Carbon tubular sculling rigger “CT”

Aluminium Flat
Black anodized aluminium fin

Aluminium flat with rudder
Black anodized aluminium fin with rudder


4in1 seat:
- double action seat
- classic seat
- adjustable ballbearing wheel seat

FC01 full carbon

MAS rowing shoes
Active tools

  • Seat 4in1

    Seat 4in1

  • Seat 4in1

    Seat 4in1

  • Seat 4in1

    Seat 4in1

  • MAS Shoes White

    MAS Shoes White

  • MAS Shoes Blue

    MAS Shoes Blue

  • MAS Shoes Black

    MAS Shoes Black

  • MAS Shoes - Wedges

    MAS Shoes - Wedges

  • Footboard


  • Footboard with MAS shoes

    Footboard with MAS shoes

  • Bag for Aluminium riggers (bag already included for Carbon riggers)
  • Boat cover
  • Stroke Coach NK wireless, complete
  • Speed Coach NK GPS2
  • Speed Coach NK GPS2 with training pack
  • Cox Box 2 speakers for 4+ complete
  • Cox Box 3 speakers for 8+ complete
  • Speaker for NK Cox Box
  • Cable for Cox Box, for 8+ (3 outlets)
  • Cable for Cox Box, for 4+ (2 outlets)
  • EmPower N-K oarlock (sweep/scull)
  • Cox-Box GPS only unit
  • Cox-Box GPS 2 speaker for 4+
  • Cox-Box GPS 3 speaker for 8+
  • Cox-Box CORE only unit
  • Cox-Box CORE 2 speaker for 4+
  • Cox-Box CORE 3 speaker for 8+