We designed a boat that allows you to have fun on the waves with a tendency to surf the wave from stern. A boat that is easy and safe to row and above all without the saxboards that might put at the risk the safety of the athletes, who jump on and off the boat for the final rush to the beach.

We took advantage of the idea of always having the wave on the inclined side of the bow (at the “loaf”) whenever we move from the land toward the buoy. This allows us to quickly turn the boat once the crest of the wave is crossed.


Beach Sprint




7.48 m

Width (overall)

102.0 cm

Atlete weight

60-100 kg

F85 Filippi coastal boat

Main features

  • New bow shape that improves security
  • Load-bearing stern to exploit wave’s thrust
  • Easy rotation on baricenter
  • Materials with high resistance to corrosion
F85 Filippi coastal boat

The stern is very load-bearing to exploit the wave’s thrust, favoring the glide, whether going straight during the return (where you get the most significant result) or continue in the slalom with the waves tilted with respect to the boat’s stern (at the “tuck”).
There are no flanges or thin surfaces at the saxboards that can come into contact with the athletes while they get on or off the boat.

F85 Filippi coastal boat

All aluminum materials are replaced with sandblasted and passivated steel to ensure high resistance to corrosion.

The gel coat used on the hull is reinforced with adhesion agents to improve adherence with the underlying stratification.

There is a box for the fin and the rudder with the possibility of replacement in the event of more or less severe waves.

  • Standard color paint: white color with blue stripe. Paint used is UHS (Ultra High Solid Paint)
  • Rudder cable integrated under the cover with inspection holes (4x+)
  • A more rounded design of the deck facilitates the fluidity of the water and gives the boat a more sharpen and forceful shape
  • Composite material made of a double skin of carbon fiber fabric with a core of honeycomb
  • Extra layers of high modulus carbon applied in strategic points of the boat structure, to reach higher stiffness
  • Best quality epoxy resin
  • Stainless steel hardware (316 - A4 / 304 - A2)
  • Active Tools shoes

Length: mt 6.00
Width (overall): cm 75
Athlete: Kg 60-100



  • carbon
  • kevlar
  • hexmc
  • honeycomb
  • titanium
  • alum. alloy

Rigger configurations



  • 4in1 Action Seat
  • 4in1 Adjustable Seat
  • Carbon Seat with holes
  • Stroke Coach NK wireless, complete
  • Speed Coach NK GPS2
  • Speed Coach NK GPS2 with training pack
  • EmPower N-K oarlock
  • MAS rowing shoes with additional performing wedges, special socks with calf sleeves (replacing Active Tools shoes)